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This World Ain't Big Enough for Two

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So my old companion, Elder Smith, and I used to have occasional discussions about that old game Pokemon and an epic battle we'd have.  The wager was that if I beat him in a pokemon battle, he would have to name me a "Pokemon Master," and if he beat me, I would have to do something back. I didn't really listen:  there's no way I'll lose.  No way in 100 years.

This little PNG isn't actually my party, but is kind of a reference to some old inside jokes with Elder Larsen. : )  I just thought it was awesome there's generators for things like this online. : )

Speaking of Motivational Posters...

Monday, March 29, 2010
I love these things.  They express things that I don't think can be expressed in any other medium. I found a few random ones which I like in old folders, and will post a few here.  Soon though I'll post the ULTIMATE un-motivational posters, which I hope you'll enjoy. : )

Sorry about the language on the above one. I don't like it much, but couldn't change it. I really like the picture, though. : )

I don't understand it, but it speaks to us

I can't count how many times my brother has called me into the family room to watch some moment of "The Family Guy" which we both laughed at, and then commented on how the show really was written for white, American males.  It says things that you'd never hear anywhere else (sometimes for good reason), and even jokes about it, "NBC... We'll see you in court!"

I've been looking for demographics of the regular Family Guy viewers, and while I haven't found anything concrete, on all accounts it looks like we're right.  If you know where any can be found, please leave it as a comment in this post.

[I put this [un]motivational poster up not because I agree with it, but because it's so typical of the show] [and because I find it hilarious]

Now THIS guy has work figured out

Friday, March 26, 2010
If you've ever been to an airport (or some high-end Costco stores ;) [shopping at its laziest]) you've seen those moving walkways. well, this guy has REALLY outdid himself in finding the smartest way to clean the glass liners : ). Take a look.

Shocked and Appalled Kitten

When I was introduced to this clip I only saw the last 15ish seconds of it. The guy said, "That cat really does seem to be shocked and appalled!" And then, at 29 seconds, the words, "It's staring into your soul" came onto the screen. : ) Made me laugh.

Now, if you are saavy or just know about tags in posts, you may wonder why I put the tag "Family Guy" in this post. Well, I'll tell ya. Take a look at around 23 seconds. When the cat moves its head to the side, I gasped and almost shouted, "Peter Griffin!" It looks exactly like some faces Peter makes : ). That's why.

Oh, gotta love them "crazy communists"

Translation of Song Title:
"I'm very happy. After all, I'm finally coming home!"
[and yes, I did translate that myself. Hooray for sprekin ze Russki]

Haven't you ALWAYS wanted to do this?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Prank Wars (7)

(The best part of the video starts a little way in, the beginning is intro)


"That looks amazing, like fruit salad!"

"Look at these fruits! Isolated in separate bins!"

"I love lunch! If that's a sin then I'm a sinner!"

"That looks delicious, I wish I could eat lunch twice!"

[This one makes me wanna be a 'Lunch Dork,' too ; )]

"Clam chowder! Nice! How does it taste?" "It's a little chewy." "Ah, that means the clams are local."

"Under my anger-ella-ella-ella..."

Some Star Wars to add to the Mix

Sith Apprentice
Sith Apprentice

George Lucas in Love : )

George Lucas In Love - Watch more Funny Videos

O, Why Do I love thee?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
What can you say about something like this?


"You've got scrubs on NBC in season 7 1/2, with the antics of the lovable and talented Zach Raph!" "Who reminds us that a sitcom doesn't have to make you laugh!"

"ABC has got a lineup that's refreshing and alive, with its hits like Desperate Housewives just continuing to thrive!" "And those women look sensational for being 65!"

[And then the Sopranos line ; )]