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Worst Music Video Ever

Saturday, May 8, 2010
Back in the day there was a little music video that changed my life. It also happened to be labeled by the internet community as, "The Worst Music Video Ever" and any youtube searches for that tag would lead you to that music video and only that music video.

However, as is so tragically common these days, the second one thing gets popular a horde of heartless youtubers jump on the bandwagon trying to get views and soon the whole experience is ruined.

If you youtube that tag now you will indeed find several worthless, horrible music videos... but none of them are truly loveable like the one back in the day.

Consequently, I've put together this post to maintain the purity and decency of the tag "Worst Music Video Ever" and have decided to preserve three videos worthy of the title.

And yes, I admit, I like them.  A lot.
I even listen to them semi-regularly.

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